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Chicken Roll


Grilled Chicken and Mozzarella. Served with side marinara sauce.

Extra Dressing or Sauce:Extra Marinara +$1Extra Spicy Marinara +$1Extra Balsamic Vinaigrette +$1Extra Honey Mustard +$1Extra BBQ Sauce +$1Extra Ranch Dressing +$1Extra Blue Cheese +$1Extra House Dressing +$1Extra Caesar Dressing +$1Extra Greek Dressing +$1
Additional Calzone Ingredients:Anchovies +$0.99Artichokes +$0.99Bacon +$0.99Bannana Peppers +$0.99Basil +$0.99Black Olives +$0.99Broccoli +$0.99Chicken +$0.99Eggplant +$0.99Extra Cheese +$0.99Fresh Garlic +$0.99Green Olives +$0.99Green Peppers +$0.99Ground Beef +$0.99Ham +$0.99Jalepeno Peppers +$0.99Meatball +$0.99Mushroom +$0.99Onion +$0.99Pepperoni +$0.99Pineapple +$0.99Red Onion +$0.99Sausage +$0.99Spinach +$0.99Sundried Tomatoes +$0.99Tomatoes +$0.99